Our Mission, Vision And Founding Philosophy 

Founding Philosophy

To inspire vision, acquire brilliance and achieve success.

Vision 2025

To publish and create 1,000 books, author entrepreneurs to empower millions of learners worldwide.

Mission 2030

To reach, help and empower a billion people to achieve lifelong success by offering affordable education for everyone, anywhere, anytime.

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SuccessFactor Series

We have published over 100+ books under SuccessFactor series catering to 10 levels of success.

SuccessFactor Courses

We are launching over 15 master courses and 50 micro courses this year.

SuccessFactor Books

We have created over 100 books under SuccessFactor series catering to 10 levels of lifelong success.

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Why SuccessFactor Books & Courses?

Path To Success

Others will teach you lessons and subjects whereas we will teach you to be rich and successful. SuccessFactor will give you the key steps to manifest success. You will learn to dream big and turn your dreams into reality.

Become A Visionary

Begin with the end goal in mind. We will help you design your Vision Plan Action (VPA). VPA is your blueprint to achieve everything in life including your personal goals, build long lasting relationships and financial targets.

Unleash Your Potential

Find your true passion, chase your dream, do what you love to do & leave a legacy. Success Factor courses will help you discover your inner greatness, experience total transformation, visualize your personal growth &make it happen.

10 Levels Of Success Vs 100 Success Factors

Discover the 10 levels of success in life: We have created 100+ SuccessFactor books and courses that are designed to help you achieve the various levels of success step-by-step. Success is a journey so you must enjoy and nurture every step, progress and achievement.

Quality Standards And Mark Of Excellence

Accreditation, Certification & Publication

Vision Brilliance Success
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SuccessFactor curriculum and courses are recognized and accredited by Strategic Knowledge University. All master courses, curriculum and learning methodology are approved by the board of higher learning commission.

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SuccessFactor is supported & certified by ACE (American Creators & Entrepreneurs) Network. ACE is a membership organization that empowers professionals, leaders & entrepreneurs of the 21st century, which was established in silicon valley during 1999.

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SuccessFactor books and magazines are printed and published by SKPublication.com.

History And Track Record

EdNET Software (1995)

IT Training & Certification

Qsoft InfoComm (2001)

Global Education Consulting

Benchmark (2002)

Assessments & Certification

CalUniversity.edu (2003)

Higher Education (Doctoral Programs)

SK Publications (2007)

Just-N-Hour Series
Books & Audiobooks

SK University (2018)

Success Factor Series
Books & Courses


Celebrating 25 Years Of Success And Excellence

Successful Track Record

Over 250,000 students and graduates have benefited till-date since 1995.

Lifelong Learning Experience

IT Training & Certification, Healthcare Education, Business School, Higher Education offering Masters & Doctoral Degrees.

Education For Everyone Is Our Motto

Highly recognized, affordable, available anywhere and anytime.

Hello!!! Online Entrepreneurs, Working Professionals, Executives, Innovators And Creators.

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